Isn’t it fascinating how our perspectives change over time? 

I was listening to a story this morning about a young man who was offended by a ladies comments regarding his business, and how he wanted to ‘give her a piece of his mind’. Fortunately, he restrained himself.  I couldn’t help but think about how hard that is to do.  Being able to handle conflict hasn’t always been easy for me. 

Although most who meet him would never know, my son (Colt) has Tourette syndrome.  He battles with anxiety and OCD and would often come home from school upset. He struggled through elementary school. Not with grades, but with anxiety.  Anxiety that he bottled up all day, and saved until he was home.  Explaining it to teachers was hard, because they didn’t always see it. I have to say, Colt was blessed with some amazing teachers who loved him.  But, when our kids get hurt, we hurt.  Let me tell you… you upset my kids and the mama bear comes out!

I remember going to the school because I felt like a teacher wasn’t following Colt’s accommodations. I arrived (with my sharpened claws) and the principal scheduled an appointment for me to come back the next day. The next day??? I was furious! I needed this resolved immediately! Why the next day?

It was simple.  When we are upset we are defensive, and we lack perspective.  He was implementing the “24 Hour Rule”. 

I tell you all of this because, often we look at our businesses as “our babies”.  We love and nurture them. So when they hurt, we hurt. When someone says something offensive, we are offended.  How do we react to that?  Regardless if it’s a conflict with an employee, customer or friend, we should all use the 24 Hour Rule.  It gives us time to gather our thoughts and to address issues logically, rather than out of anger.  Take time to see all sides of the situation.  Schedule and appointment and be prepared to discuss the issue calmly. And “Thank You” to the principal who sent me home, teaching me the value of the 24 Hour Rule.