‘Tis the Season…for Stress

The holiday season brings so much fun and excitement!  It also brings stress… stress that can easily infiltrate your workplace, and often cripples employees.

On top of all of our busy personal schedules, we still have deadlines that must be met, office parties to attend, gift exchanges to buy for….the list seems to never end.  Feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, disappointed by unrealistic expectations, and worried about money are some of the chief symptoms of the holiday blues.  Productivity in the workplace often suffers as a result.

I was reading an article from ClearRock Leadership and loved the suggestions they gave for managing workplace stress and anxiety during the holidays.

  1. Help where you can. We know the holidays are coming.  It’s not a surprise.  Ask employees what you can do to help reduce their stress.  Ask if they would like to postpone the company party until January.  If you are hosting a pot luck lunch, ask if people would rather have pizza brought in so no one has to cook.  Perhaps, you can give everyone one hour on Cyber Monday to go online and shop so they don’t feel like they have to sneak screen time to get the deal on the gift their child really wants at a price they don’t want to miss.
  2. Be generous with “thank you.” People are often extending themselves at this time of year, make sure you are going out of your way to notice their good work and say thank you.  Also, be aware of anyone that may need an extra word of encouragement or some additional support like employees who have lost a loved one this year or those with little or no family in the area.  Making sure they know you care can go a long way in retaining employees.
  3. Remain visible. Don’t confine yourself to your office and make employees wonder if changes are about to happen … again.  As with any other time of the year, managers need to show interest in what’s on employees’ minds through individual face-to-face meetings, regular staff meetings, walking around the workplace, and after-hours get-together’s.
  4. Involve employees in decisions. Are you decorating the office?  Choosing a charity to make a donation instead of buying gifts for your clients?  Hosting a toy drive?  Ask employees to get involved and let them select which charities you will support so they will feel empowered and engaged.
  5. Encourage time off. Encourage people to take advantage of that with a vacation day or a 1/2 day Friday to do their holiday shopping, decorate their house, get their baking done, or just relax and enjoy the season.  They will likely come back in a better frame of mind and be more productive. 

Of course, these are merely suggestions.  The point is, be mindful of others, and their lives outside of work.  Showing love and compassion to employees will be decrease stress and make a much more cheerful season!  I wish everyone a stress-free season, filled with love, peace and joy! 


Retail vs. E-tail

Holiday shopping is now in FULL swing!  The Chamber wants to encourage local shoppers to keep it local!

I know we live in the age of online shopping.  With just a few clicks, orders are at your doorsteps.  But don’t you miss the fun and excitement of actually “going shopping”?  Personally, I feel good when I walk into a shop where everybody knows my name.  (That made me think of the old Cheers song…”and they’re always glad you came”). But isn’t it true? Don’t we all enjoy going where people know us, and know what we do (and don’t) like?

Not only does shopping local build relationships, it also supports the local economy.   By ‘local economy’, I mean it supports the businesses that we all look to, year round, for events; charities; fundraisers; and donations to our organizations.  We SHOULD return the favors! We NEED to support them!  When you shop locally, in essence, you are taking care of your own.

According to Forbes magazine, “For every dollar spent at a locally-owned establishment, nearly 45% of that revenue stays in the local community, with another 9% staying within the state.” That means when you shop locally almost 1/2 of what you spend stays right here in Breckenridge!  Where we shop, where we eat, where we do business-all of these make Breckenridge strong!

So, before you make all those online purchases, give your local businesses a chance!  Skip e-tail…shop retail!  


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so happy Thanksgiving week is here!!!  Our college kiddo came home last night, the kids are all requesting their favorite dishes, and I have so much to be thankful for!

As I was driving in to work this morning, I was thinking about the first Thanksgiving.  I started thinking about the early settlers and how they had a plan, tools, and supplies, yet their encounter was SOOOO unpredictable! I thought, ‘Isn’t that true for us today? OUR encounters are unpredictable!’.  Even in our businesses, we never know what challenges we will face.

How did the early settlers succeed???  They had leaders… they had workers… they had investors… and… they were willing to give back!

The Chamber acknowledges and is thankful for the leaders, workers, investors, and consumers in Breckenridge.  We are especially thankful for your willingness to give back to the community! Thank you to those who do business here, to those who serve the community, participate in activities, and for building relationships that make this town strong.

I hope we continue to attract new settlers and to build with determination!  I am personally thankful for way too many things to list; however, professionally, I am thankful for the amazing people I have been blessed to work with.  I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now taking nominations!

It’s time to honor those deserving folks in our community! It takes YOU to get them noticed and nominated. Read below for a full list of previous winners!

Business of the Year
2003 Stephens Memorial Hospital
2004 Jonell, Inc.
2005 Karsten Homes
2006 Ray’s Grocery & Market
2007 Raydon, Inc.
2008 J & J Electric
2009 Sandy Creek Marina
2010 Texas Tank Trucks
2011 First National Bank
2012 Breck Operating Corporation
2013 Ernie’s Spanish Kitchen
2014 Texas State Technical College
2015 Ezell Aviation
2016 R. E. Dye Manufacturing Corporation

Citizen of the Year
1964 Lester Clark
1965 L. W. Brooks, Jr.
1966 Marvin A. Naylor
1967 W. W. Rogers
1968 Ed H. Rogers
1969 Virgil E. Moore, Jr.
1970 William A. Craig
1971 Frank Pellizzari, Jr.
1972 E. P. “Skeet” Fambro
1973 J. B. Brannan
1974 Paul Williams
1975 Mrs. Ben “Gwen” Dean
1976 Ben W. McKinnis
1977 Mrs. Nadine Taylor
1978 Larry Parker
1979 James C. Rominger
1980 Mrs. Margaret Hallauer
1981 John G. Davis
1982 Mrs. M. O. “Maude” Allison
1983 Joe C. Hanna
1984 Mr. & Mrs. Lester Clark
1985 Jouquine Baxley
1986 Mr. & Mrs. O.H. Reaugh
1987 Reverend Chas A. Hamilton
1988 Doris Fambro
1989 John Connally
1990 Scott Harris
1991 King C. Hoermann
1992 Bruce Curry
1993 Dr. Edwin Goodall
1994 James Shelton
1995 Lance Kitchens
1996 Margie Veale
1997 Becky Downing
1998 M. O. “Shorty” Allison
1999 Johnny Miller
2000 C. J. “Jack” Eden
2001 Calva Holland
2002 Carroll A. Magers, Jr.
2003 Grady Fox
2004 Bill Arnot
2005 Martha Sullivan & Beatrice Moore
2006 Paul Prater
2007 Reverend Andy Channer
2008 Kevin Simmons
2009 Stan Carstens
2010 Lee Olson
2011 Sherry Strickland
2012 Bob Sims
2013 David Duggan
2014 Jon Jackson
2015 David Sullivan
2016 Virgil & Elaine Moore

Ag Citizen of the Year
1969 Mrs. C. M. “Mattie” Wright
1970 Jack Fambro
1971 Floyd Ray Vick
1972 T. C. Harris, Jr.
1973 John Lockhart
1974 Billy Sam Fambro
1975 J. Quincy Corbett, Jr.
1976 C. O. Thompson, Jr.
1977 Howard A. Swanson
1978 Dale Harbison
1979 F. J. “Toad” Copeland
1980 Bob D. Turner
1981 Bobby & Pat Knight
1982 Charles A. Taylor
1983 Rusty Robertson
1984 John R. Cook
1985 Mrs. A. R. “Burnelle” Knight
1986 Robert Langford
1987 Mrs. Joe “Toppy” Jackson
1988 Hurley Boles
1989 Ward Veale
1990 Carroll Williams
1991 Cecil Brown, OD
1992 Miller Tuttle
1993 Dr. D. C. Pitts
1994 Ray & Kay Meadows
1995 Kenneth & Freda Mitchell
1996 Monroe Pugh
1997 Darcy Turner
1998 Tommy Hailey
1999 Mrs. Jerry Corbett
2000 Monte McIntire
2001 Don Pendleton
2002 Maxine Hoff
2003 Robert Joe & Dena Jackson
2004 Tom Cyprian
2005 Neil Fambro
2006 Johnny Corbett
2007 Roger Tonne
2008 Glenda Knight
2009 Gary Fambro
2010 Mitchell Sullivan
2011 Tom Echols
2012 D.C. “Button” Sikes
2013 Mike Colbert
2014 Justin Hopkins
2015 Roy Russell
2016 Mike Fields

Golf WINNERS and a BIG thank you~

Congrats to Saturday’s winners at The Johnny Bates Memorial Golf Tournament!

1st 1 Andy Channer Carl Everett
1st 2 Thomas Tennison Bryan Ringo
1st 3 Brandon Kidwell Riley Hillard
2nd 1 Chris Heidelberg Aaron Brown
2nd 2 Marvin Chaney Kevin Chaney
2nd 3 Tommy Wolfe Easton Wolfe
3rd 1 Gary Anderson Sammy Fade
3rd 2 Mike Tennison Jeff Griffin
3rd 3 Randall Reid Clay Parker
4th 1 Cory Crenshaw Billy Hitchock
4th 2 Buck Fade Jimmy Boster
4th 3 Gabriel Perez Elliott Perez


And THANK YOU to our Sponsors! 

**Corporate Sponsors**
Breck Operating Corp.
Copperleaf Properties
Dr. John Lee, DDS
In Memory of O. D. Woodward
Breckenridge Interbank
Jonell Filtration
The Prickly Patch
Reyes Logistics
Ridge Oil Company
Turner Seed Co.
United Supermarkets

**Golf Towel Sponsors**
Arnot Oil Company
David L. Clark
Ernie’s Spanish Kitchen
First National Bank
Graham Savings & Loan Fa-Breckenridge Division
Integrity Plumbing Services
L & L Family Restaurant
Melton-Kitchens Funeral Home
Rustic Charm Trading Co.

**Door Prizes**
40 Something Cowgirls, Headquarters
Baxley Auto Lube & Tire Center
Brush Creek Bait Tackle
Bunkhouse Divas Boutique & Co.
Canyon Road Barn & Grill
Carstens Motor Company
Crystal Car Wash
Dairy Queen
Double M BBQ
Ernie’s Spanish Kitchen
Family Eye Clinic
Hibbett Sports
Higginbotham Brothers
Hometown Brand Center
Main Street Floral And Gifts
MLR Graphics
Pate’s Hardware
Production Meter Testing
Ridge Motel
The Rusty Rooster
Jenny Coffee State Farm Insurance Agent
Su Casa Cafe
Suzy Q’s Auto Detailing
The Vintage Butterfly
The Water Store
Walmart Supercenter Breckenridge

Please make sure and thank these business for their support! Profits from this event will be used for 2018 BISD Scholarships.

The VOTE is IN! It was a unanimous “YES” so save the date: May 26th & 27th.

We estimated a total of 8,559 attendees over the weekend.

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