It has come to our attention that we need to address our changes in the 2017 Calendar of Events. Namely, the lack of mention of Boomfest. It was decided in September of 2016, after months of discussion and event financial review, that Boomfest 2017 would be canceled. In an effort to (1) better utilize Chamber funds for events and (2) not over tax our membership by seeking additional sponsorship, the Board of Directors made the tough decision to remove Boomfest from the 2017 Event Calendar.

Weighed into that decision was the $1,000 a minute price tag, trash issues with the lake itself, low-paying attendance and the reality of seeking sponsorship in Frontier Days, Breckenridge Airshow and then Boomfest, all within a 90-day span. Along with that, we considered the mission statement of the Chamber of Commerce: The Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce is an organization of businesses and individuals that work to promote the area by developing a strong and vibrant economy through business advocacy and leadership, thus creating a better quality of life.

The decision was made prior to the Breckenridge Airshow’s success; however, the Breckenridge Airshow is helping Breckenridge, Texas gain nationwide notoriety. I challenge you to google Breckenridge Airshow and also to check out YouTube before being unkind to the 2017 Board of Directors; a Board of volunteers who give up their time and energy to try and bring commerce to our community.

The life blood of our future is dependent on bringing in new customers, commerce and, hopefully, residents. This decision was not made lightly and we appreciate your continued support of the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce.