Have you ever been on vacation and ready to stop and eat for lunch but end up passing restaurant after restaurant because you didn’t recognize them? I certainty have! I have looked at the building as we drove by and said, “I’m not eating there”!  Chipped paint… tall grass… if it doesn’t look clean, I don’t want to stop.  My dad however, looks for the “hidden treasures”. He doesn’t want to stop at a box name. But, there have been several times when traveling with him we have stopped (against my judgement) and I’ve ended up eating the most amazing meals.  I tell you this to make two points: 

  1. As a business owner, make a good first impression!  They say people eat with their eyes and I think it begins when you see the building. Take time to beautify. If your exterior is run down, people will assume the interior is as well. Be welcoming, be clean, and be appealing!!!
  2. As a consumer, remember you can’t always judge a book by its cover. A faded sign says the place has been in business a while. So they must be doing something right. I have eaten at a few places that the exterior was not impressive but walked in to be “wowed” by the atmosphere and the food. 

 Look for the inner beauty! And happy dining!