Holiday shopping is now in FULL swing!  The Chamber wants to encourage local shoppers to keep it local!

I know we live in the age of online shopping.  With just a few clicks, orders are at your doorsteps.  But don’t you miss the fun and excitement of actually “going shopping”?  Personally, I feel good when I walk into a shop where everybody knows my name.  (That made me think of the old Cheers song…”and they’re always glad you came”). But isn’t it true? Don’t we all enjoy going where people know us, and know what we do (and don’t) like?

Not only does shopping local build relationships, it also supports the local economy.   By ‘local economy’, I mean it supports the businesses that we all look to, year round, for events; charities; fundraisers; and donations to our organizations.  We SHOULD return the favors! We NEED to support them!  When you shop locally, in essence, you are taking care of your own.

According to Forbes magazine, “For every dollar spent at a locally-owned establishment, nearly 45% of that revenue stays in the local community, with another 9% staying within the state.” That means when you shop locally almost 1/2 of what you spend stays right here in Breckenridge!  Where we shop, where we eat, where we do business-all of these make Breckenridge strong!

So, before you make all those online purchases, give your local businesses a chance!  Skip e-tail…shop retail!