There are many different perspectives when it comes to Spring Break.  There’s the “go all out” week-long family trips to somewhere tropical. There’s the “road-trippers” who hop in the vehicle and head out, seeing where to road takes them.  And then there’s the “stay-cationers”. 

Some “Stay-cationers” are in panic mode today.  They have a week off, not sure of plans and facing the daunting task of occupying kids.  (Of course, Mother Nature is making being outdoors a bit of a challenge).  At my house the hubby and I are planning for “us time” because the kids are all gone with spending time extended family & friends.

For those “road-trippers” passing through this week and for the “stay-cationers”…the Chamber is here to help!  From shopping; scheduling painting classes; taking the kids to Party Planet; tours of the museum and art gallery; to a nice couples dinner… we have suggestions!  Call us before you start pulling your hair out! (559-2301).