I’ve heard many people say Valentine’s Days is a holiday you either love or hate.  Well, I love it! Of course, I love being spoiled and getting things, but I also love doing things to remind my husband that he is “My Valentine”.   Ladies, it’s not just a woman’s holiday anymore.  There are so many creative ideas for men too!

Before I go any further I have to make a confession.  As much as I love celebrating one another on Valentine’s, I am one who has been known to say, “don’t just buy me flowers because it’s a special occasion”.  I think we should celebrate those we love all year long by sending flowers, buying cards and gifts and doing special things for no occasion.  Getting something for no reason at all is always special to me.  I know Brian likes it when I surprise him as well!

With that said, you still better make plans for Valentine’s Day! Man or woman, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like “feeling the love” and your Breckenridge Chamber businesses have you covered! From masculine tools, to chocolates, beautiful bouquets of flowers, dinner, and gift certificates, we can help you treat your Valentine special.  Call the chamber if you are having trouble finding the perfect gift. I don’t want anyone to have to sleep in the doghouse Thursday night! Happy Valentine’s Week!