The past few weeks I have been posting tips for our local business owners. Today I am changing it up a bit. Today, I want to know, “What kind of consumer are you?”

Do you support local businesses?  Often we SAY we support local, but we don’t BUY local.  Supporting local means spending money and actually doing business with local businesses. So often we fuss when we see a business shut their doors, yet we haven’t walked through those doors in months.

When you need something do you give local stores a chance? Do you assume they don’t have what you need and look elsewhere? There have been several times I have needed something last minute and had a local business come to my rescue.

Personally, I like shopping local for several reasons.  First, it’s convenient. I can run by and grab what I need and without long lines, or waiting on delivery.  Second, I LOVE the customer service of local business.  I love that business owners know me and whether we admit it or not, we all love personal attention.  Yes, shopping local boost our economy, but it’s so much more than that.  I trust local business.  I trust the quality of merchandise and service.

As a consumer, do you really support local? My challenge for you is to take time this week to stop by at least one local business that you haven’t been in during the past 3 months. You will be glad you did!